Founder: VARAMAR
Founder: Maritime Business Club "Ukrainian Shipbroker`s Club"
Co-Founder: CEO CLUB Odessa

Belgian shipping and digital technology entrepreneur. Born in Ventspils (Latvia) in 1980, Alexander Varvarenko spent most of his life living between Belgium and Ukraine, where he both studied and worked.

Education: Odessa National Maritime University 1998 -2003
Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (UK) 2002 -2005

His career started in 2001, when Alexander Varvarenko joined Belgo-Ruys and later Belgo-Iberian, working as a Shipping line representative for ESCO (Estonian Shipping Company, SAMSKIP and VOCs (Van-Omeren Clipper Steel Line).



- Sales & Brokerage

- Belgo-Iberian Maritime (Antwerp, Belgium)
Owned by FLAMAR/CEC LINES (Belgium)
Agents for: VOC Steel (Clipper Steel)

- Chartering Manager

- FLAMAR / CEC LINES (Zeebrugge, Belgium)

As from 2002 Alexander Varvarenko was promoted to join the Holding company of Belgo-Iberian and Belgo-Ruys - FLAMAR (Zeebrugge) - owned by the Alphonse Daenens, where Alexander’s main activity included developing a Regular Shipping Liner service from North Europe to Black Sea. Along the way, Alexander travelled throughout the region (Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria to, finally, launch the service by the end of 2002.
In 2004 a further Service to Red Sea and Middle East was launched as a direct continuation and an additional Liner route to that of Black Sea.

In 2006 Alexander accepted a new challenge when he moved to Ukraine to develop semi-liner services within a large group of companies - KProjects - which included shipping and ship-management, logistics, steel trade, banking, real-estate, horeca, and other activities.
This resulted in KProjects - the name of a new set-up - becoming the main carrier of heavy, oversized and general cargo between Black Sea and Middle East-India Range, and eventually unto Asia (China, Korea, Japan).


- KProjects (Odessa, Ukraine)

In 2009, 3 years after, Alexander Varvarenko decides to open VARAMAR - a company which is today represented by offices in Hamburg, Paris, Dubai, Odessa and Limassol.

- Founder/CEO


- Shipping & Shipmanagement

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In an attempt to diversify, Alexander Varvarenko invests in tourism by co-founding INSKY - a company which today has offices in Odessa (Ukraine) and Miami (Florida).

- Founder/Partner


- Tourism

In 2015 with his partner Alexey Khomyakov he steps back into IT and Electronics business, which Alexander has not been involved in ever since his University times. The project involved development of a hard-ware device, a smart-band, which exchanges contact data through a handshake. In February 2018 MYCO will also transform into a Social Network for CEO and Business Owners only.

- Founder/Partner


- Business Networking

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  Watch the Video

In 2015 Alexander co-invests into a new family ran business specialized in chocolate production - KISS Chocolateria - which quickly becomes famous in Ukraine and beyond. Managed by Alexander’s wife Hanna-Anna - KISS Chocolaterie also helps opening franchisee branches with production in Kazakhstan.

- Founder/Partner

- KISS Chocolaterie

- Production & food processing

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With the help of the experience and the team collected over the years in IT and Software development business, Alexander Varvarenko undertakes the task of executing an old plan of automating and digitalizing the Shipping and Transport industry. This results in a new Product built with the help of Mathematicians and Analytics, Software developers and Shipping Professionals called SHIPNEXT.
SHIPNEXT becomes the first digital shipping Marketplace which includes artificial intelligence, big-data analysis, SaaS and other technological elements.

- Founder


- IT solutions in shipping and transport
International Digital Marketplace

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SHIPNEXT has also set sail to introduce the first Blockchain solution in Shipping and Transport in the field of smart-contracting.

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